Art Graphics

Most of these sites are not (as far as I can tell) Seventh-day Adventist, and some are not even Christian, but they do contain helpful graphics for Christian teaching, website building, chatting, etc.

Free Christmas MP3s: Many are based off of public domain music and are made available via creative commons license. Not all are hymns, but some are. Be wary of red download buttons. An automatic copyright claim was made on one of my videos using such music from this site, but the owner allowed it with monetization in the owner’s benefit. Be careful with this one.

Joyful Heart: Art by James J. Tissot

EGW Gallery: Free photos of Ellen G. White and her family as well as other photos of significant people and institutions in Adventist history. Please read the terms of use before using.

Bible Illustrations by Gustave Doré: public domain, black and white, realistic artwork

Distant Shores Media: Free and open Bible story illustrations usable via creative commons license. Please read the details before using, so you know how to give the proper attribution.

SDA Digital Materials: Read About, Terms, & Copyright Information before using photos from the site.

Free to use: Clip Art (Hate the name, so will not say it here, but you can find clip art for your sites and projects here.)

Search Creative Commons Art: Attribution may be necessary.

Public Domain Pictures: Again, not all Christian, and you may not find anything useful, but you can search and look and see if you can find something useful here.

National Gallery of Art: Art in the public domain. Not all art is good to use. There might be very little, if any that is good to use, and not all of it is Christian nor appropriate, but you can do a search by keyword to see if you can find anything to use in your creations/presentations/websites/whatever you are working on.

Scripture Pictures: It may be best to use the embed code for these instead of copying and pasting directly, as they are property of Amazing Facts (unless I am mistaken). You could ask and see, unless it’s stated on their website what they would prefer.

3D Bible Scenes : Scenery from Bible stories and also some contemporary religious scenes. They are made by Pr. Bob DeGray of the Free Evangelical Church. (Non SDA, not affiliated, not endorsed nor an endorser). Though the purple angels seem demonic and I do not recommend them, I do believe that most of the other images are beautiful and useful. (This site cannot endorse nor support Pr. Bob DeGray nor the Free Evangelical Church, as I do not know much about them. However, I cannot say that they endorse many Seventh-day Adventist beliefs, either, but I find that their resources may be useful.)

King James Bible Online (Inspirational Images) : Inspirational images and Bible verses from the King James Bible. Pictures and all (or most content) except the King James text itself are copyright protected and may not be copied, reproduced, or “scraped from the website”. If you do think you would like to use their inspirational pictures, I recommend contacting them to ask specifically about the picture you would like to use, and what you would like to use it for. They do provide a code in which you can embed on your site that will generate an inspirational picture for the day. I’m assuming that is free to use (seems pretty obvious) without asking.

Free Bible Images : Free Bible art and photographs for teaching.

Bible Picture Gallery : Free low-resolution clip art, Bible art, and other Christian graphics. For better quality, larger pictures you have to get a membership.

Emoticons (Bible Passages) : Emoticons holding up signs depicting the book, chapter, and verse for some Bible passages. If you are going to browse this site, browse carefully. The site itself is secular with at least a few offensive emoticons that Christians should not behold and children should not see.

Emoticons (Christian) : Emoticons that would be meaningful to Christians. If you are going to browse this site, browse carefully. The site itself is secular with at least a few offensive emoticons that Christians should not behold and children should not see.


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